Jacek Tyx: Vocals

Jacek started his journey with music in early school years when he established a rock band where he played guitar, sang and composed songs for the band. Shortly after that he was acquired by another band to become vocalist. This band transformed several times changing band members, names and adjusting the style. After few years break due to band members moving to another cities and countries, the band has been reestablished as an online band where the tracks have been recorded separately by each band member and put together in a song. Finally connected by Andy Portman with Marcus, they formed CARBON ICE.

Marcus Pleschinger: Guitar / Back Vocals

Marcus played in various bands in the 70s and 80s. Sounds from Genesis, Supertramp, Blues and Rock & Roll to Dialect Rock are all included in his repertoire. With his playful manner, Marcus brings a lot of life and color into the musical sound of the band.

Umberto Ferrari: Keys / Back Vocals

Umberto started with music in Italy with classical studies of piano and organ. Later he started self studying acoustic guitar when he realized that it was a much lighter instrument to take with him on gigs, performing his beloved Alternative Country/Folk/Rock music, or to play beside a campfire with the hidden intent to make an impression on girls 😉

Christof «Gigof» Hotz: Drums / Back Vocals

Gigof with his many years of experience keeps the band in time with the necessary tempo from the rhythm section. He plays the beat to the point, with a lot of drive and with a large repertoire. He can look back on a long and eventful musical career that includes many styles and has also taken part in many exciting live gigs.

Fredy von Moos: Bass / Back Vocals

Fredy is an absolute blues and rock fan of the 70’s era. During his numerous trips to the “promised land” USA, he has explored the music’s roots and incorporated them into his being. With his well-founded playing, he is the musical basis of the band. Always cool calm and collected, and always song-oriented.

Freddy Arnold: Sound

Freddy accompanies the band’s songwriting through all musical levels. His critical ear constantly drives the band musicians to the next level of perfection. His instruments are the switches and controls of the Mixer. Regardless of the environment, the size of the rooms, or the stages, Freddy always manages to present audio-wise the CARBON-ICE sound.